Monday, January 29, 2007

Week 3, #7 - Technology and Nature

My thoughts on technology this week - I'm thiinking about the best tool to create a photo archive for my hiking group - with photos from the hike, distances covered, dates and participants. I have disliked digital cameras, because there didn't seem to be an easy way to "get" actual copies of the photos. With sites like Flickr though it seems like that is changing. It is interesting seeing all the photos folks have posted.


Suara Suling said...

What happened to your photo?

Julie's Ju Ju said...

Well, I pulled deleted this out of Flickr, but thought it would stay on the blog. I guess that's not the case. Good to know. I thought you could use Flickr as a portal to get the images to the blog - but if they get pulled their gone. I know how to post directly - so I will try that now.

Julie's Ju Ju said...

Virtual Services Team - if you read this - I was able to shink the empty Flicker frame and all but delete it, but there is a still a little black dot. How do I get rid of it?