Thursday, March 22, 2007

Questions on audio book collection.

I went back to try and find something in our ebook collection on the sjlibrary website. I find this very confusing. I keep putting in titles and nothing comes up. How is it possible to browse the collection to see what is there? It needs a much friendly interface or some more directions. It would be good to have a class for library staff on understanding how this site works.

Are audio books available as podcasts available through this collection? That would be really cool. One of the women in one of my book club has to listen to books - it would be nice if she could do it over the internet. How do you access the audio book titles to see what we have? I am interested in fiction titles. I look forward to hearing from the Virtual Services Team. You are doing a great job of answer questions and monitoring the blogs.

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Virtual Services Team said...

I went to the ebbok page on our website searched for the keywords audio ficiton and it seems to have returned what you want. These are not exactly podcasts, but downloadable audio files.

Once you find a title you want t and click on "add to bookbag" you can proceed to checkout, where you enter your card number and pin and can then download it. I was able to download it at work but it didn't really do much good because I couldn't download the thing I needed to play it. So, I did not succeed at hearing the book. I'll try to do this at home and see if it is easier.