Friday, March 16, 2007

Week 8 - Zoho Writer Continued.

Well, Zoho writer led to some new series of frustrations. Obviously my first attempt at posting right from Zoho Writer didn't work. I then saw the post to blog option. This led to an annoying discovery. I don't know the login and password to this blog. The computer automatically logs me in from my office, but I won't be able to access this from any other computers.

This led me to a series of help questions and emails to myself from Google trying to find the username and password. It didn't recognize my account.

Question for the Virtual Services team or anyone reading this who can assist. How do I find the username and password for my blogspot account?

As far as Zoho Writer is concerned. I can see the advantages of not having to purchase Microsoft Word and having access to all your documents from any computer. I like the little smiley face icons, but as I was playing with it. I ended up getting repeated error messages. When I posted an image - it was not previewed and overly large. Once again I would need more time to really explore this software. Or is it webware? Good to know it's out there.

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Virtual Services Team said...

Your blogspot username is the entire email address you used when you first signed up (including the @... part). That might be your work email, or it could be some other existing email address you have. The password is whatever you chose when you first signed up for the account. If you don't remember your password you can click on the tiny ? near the password box and Blogger will send it to you. If you are trying to log into Blogger make sure you click on the "New Blogger" option.