Thursday, March 22, 2007

Week 9, Thing 22 - World Ebook Fair site.

Didn't have much time to explore this site. It looked like a commercial site to me. One time fees, suscription fees. When I searched for some specific titles they weren't listed. I went to the free download pages - but th downloading of the ebooks looked complicated and since we can't download or add plugins on staff computers, I didn't even attempt it. That's all the time I have for this site. And that I finish week 9.


Sheryl said...
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Sheryl said...

Welcome to the future home of the World eBook Fair, soon to be the largest showcase for eBooks, eBook publishers, editors, and others working in the new world of eBooks.

July 4th to August 4, 2006 marks a month long celebration of the 35th anniversary of the first step taken towards today's eBooks, when the United States Declaration of Independence was the first file placed online for downloading in what was destined to be an electronic library of the Internet. Today's eBook library has a total of over 100 languages represented.

I have come across a website that offers the latest and best-selling audio books by major publishers such as the BBC, Harper-Collins, Simon & Schuster, Brilliance and Time Warner. You can download your favorite titles at ”Audio Books”