Friday, February 2, 2007

Week 4 - #8 RSS Feeds / Set Up Blog Line Account

This lesson took awhile to sink in. I quickly set up the Blogline account, but then didn't know how to find blogs or sites to put into Blogline. I see this is addressed in thing #9. I spent a lot of time trying to figure this one out. I did somehow set up a Google Alert which started emailing me irrelevant email topics and figured out how to turn that off. I will have to look at Google Alerts, in more detail.

I enjoyed adding the blogs of the library staff in my unit to my Bloglines account - so I can see when they add things to their blogs. I am really enjoying the creativity of the staff blogs.

I have set up some entertainment and fitness article links and I'm enjoying reading them. I will find lots of uses for RSS feeds as I get to use them more.

I think the most confusing things about this lesson was opening all the different accounts and trying to keep track of where you were. Also the way the lesson was set up - it seemed like there was a more direct link between RSS and my new blog, which I never did discover. Onto the next lesson which will probably give me some new sites to add to the Blogline account.

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