Friday, February 9, 2007

Week 5, #11 - Web 2.0 Awards list.

I like maps so I decided to explore Wayfarer at There was all sorts of interesting stuff on this site. First there were different maps and points of interest that people have created. I was interested in "Haunted places in Dartmoor" so I read about a few of those places.

You can create a map of your life. I decided to try and do that. I took a map of Canada and was going to create a map of where I met my husband, our first road trip together and all the places we have been since. You can mark anyplace on the map. It was cool to be able to get down to the street level in Jasper and remember the town. I liked the combination of satellite and map names, but the satellite can't get into close. Would have liked to see the Canadian Rockies.

I tried marking the road trip - but the navigation wasn't clear on how to do mistakes. I need more time to explore this site. Since I have a map at home with pins in all the places I have been and where Bill and I have been together - it seems that this website could accomplish that in a cool way.

I am going to San Francisco on Sunday - so I did use the map to zero in on the area of San Francisco and street names I need to know. Will have to explore a bit more.

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Journalkeeper said...

Hi Julie,
Enjoyed reading your blog -- and I'm finding some of the same frustrations as you are experiencing...however, you're further along than I am.