Friday, February 23, 2007

Week 6 - #13 - Deli.ico.ous

This will be a quick post - but want to get at least something up about week 6. I liked the Learning 2.0 delicious page - both the tv and food recommendations. I can see this page is already growing as more and more articles are being posted. I thought I would be able to add a video that I found interesting, but it kept going into the delicious account that I set up.

So only whoever owns the account can post to it, but other people can add to the side. I have put it in my RSS feeds, so I'm sure it will get more interesting as more people add to it.

I enjoyed going to the different libraries and seeing how they are using RSS feeds. The video was interesting to learn how you can use other people's recommendations to harvest information on the internet. Find people who you respect and then see what they are reading. I like the idea of RSS feeds bringing you information rather than you going out and having to search for it. I have learned a lot in the last couple lessons. The more I play with it - the wider the implications become.

It is now time to call it a week.

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