Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Week 6, #14 - Technorati

Well as with many of the sites there is a lot to explore on Technorati and not enough time. I will need to come back and explore in more detail. I watched the video on using Technorati. I do find the videos very helpful as a learning tool. Something the library should invest in as well. I find while trying to explore these sites that it is extremely easy to get side tracked. I go to a site and then I am sucked into reading an article. I see that this is where delicious can be useful because I have just started tagging any article that strikes me. The little icon on the toolbar is very helpful.

As far as tagging in general - since I am new to the concept - it will take awhile before I understand all the implications. I have created a separate blog, but I'm not sure that I want to put it out into the world and have others find it. That is both an attractive thought - to connect with people around the world and it also is appealing to stay under the radar and just involve the people I actually know.

It is surprising that there are over 50 million blogs and over 100.000 added every day. It becomes overwhelming. I am enjoying a lot of the information I am finding on the web. just the tip of the iceberg.

I looked at the Top 100 blogs and most weren't of interest to me. (I did look at the Post Secret blog - where people mail postcards with their secrets written on them. It's like an open intranet Confessional). When I tried to search for library blogs - nothing of interest came up.

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